justice data logoJustice Data Solutions, software solutions provider to the criminal justice marketplace, found its contract with its current data center expired and the options presented to them unappealing.  With a rapidly expanding business, they were hesitant to sign a three year agreement and not at all thrilled with the penalty in the form of a significant rate hike they would incur if they didn’t sign.

So Gary Lampe (President) and Bill Verna (Vice President) decided to look at other options, bringing them to the doorstep of SecureData 365.

In a landscape where data centers like the one where Justice found itself, SecureData 365 looks for ways to adapt to clients’ business needs and solve their unique challenges.  Because we’re focused on a solution, not a set of guidelines or rules of engagement, we’re able to deliver a solution crafted specifically to our client’s needs – in this case that started with a one-year agreement.

While a simple business driver – length of agreement – was the catalyst for a move to SecureData 365, Verna noticed the SecureData difference right away.  “When it comes to any need that I have thrown out, there is a total difference in how needs are responded to and the sense of urgency assigned to them.”

“We need to have data center services because our staff needs everywhere access,” explains Lampe. “SecureData gives us better service with the best response time I have ever seen, for the same price we were paying.”

Verna also appreciates the process for making requests with SecureData 365, “The ease of which I can make a request and the speed and accuracy that request is handled is light years beyond what I am used to.  Their processes are so tight that from the time you make a request to time of completion, you can see a very efficient, effective, and straightforward manner.  Most times in less than 15 minutes.”

Another key to Verna, an extremely entrepreneurial individual driving the technology for Justice day and night is the 24-hour availability to staff provided by SecureData 365.  “No matter what time of day I make a request, it is always handled with the same efficiency. There is no uncertainty – I know if I need something, day or night it will happen.”

With the move, Justice Data Solutions upgraded their infrastructure in that they now rely on SecureData 365 to provide firewall protection and outside access services for their dedicated virtual LAN.

The transition process was as painless as it could have possibly been. Everything was ready before I got there with technical resources standing by.  There was a 100 percent match from what the sales team told me would happen and what the technical team executed. My needs were met exactly right.”

I have been in this business for twenty-four years and their facility is “like nothing I have ever seen. It is an absolute state-of-the-art data center and the efficiency with which it is managed and run far exceeds anything that I have ever seen.  If there is a group of people I’ve dealt with that is better than this group, I can’t remember who that would be.”