force5-logo-white-bgAs a long-time website developer in Ottawa, Ontario – Ryan Grassie was faced with a dilemma – the hosting company he had come to rely on was letting him down. His company, ForceFive Media, was using a Toronto based hosting company that had two lengthy outages in the span of six months (longer than a day but less than a week).

As ForceFive had a portfolio of hundreds of active websites, these outages caused Grassie tremendous headaches as hundreds of businesses were calling him asking a) why their website was down and b) when they would be up.  Grassie had no answers because his hosting firm wasn’t providing them, avoiding calls, emails, and trouble tickets.  To this day, he still does not know the cause of the outages.

For Grassie, this was the last straw.  He had put up with an antiquated system that never allowed him to speak to a person and came with unpredictable response times in the past, but this time it was impacting his business.  A service that he was providing and does not mark up – hosting websites – was jeopardizing his good standing with his clients. On top of all this, websites hosted at the Toronto facility were getting slower and slower.

Grassie’s search for a reliable hosting alternative for his hundreds of clients where he would receive fast feedback and support while his client’s sites would be “always up and lightening fast.”  His search led him to Canton, Ohio and SecureData 365 and their virtual computing environment. SecureData 365 is a facility that has had virtually zero downtime in the more than five years it has been open. Additionally, the fact that SecureData 365 provides answers in minutes at all times was hugely significant as he would no longer be left telling his clients: “I don’t know.”

Since the move, ForceFive Media’s clients have been thrilled with the increase in speed and performance.

“We’re able to feel secure that our sites will remain up – and at the very worst, we know that SecureData 365 is committed to leaving the lines of communication open – no matter what,” explains Grassie. “And our clients are thrilled with the speed their sites load now – it is night and day.”