IMSPictured above, from left to right: Jason Haines (IMS), Chief John Cain (Mogadore Ohio Fire Department), and Eric Haines (IMS).

IMS (iPad Mobile Solutions, LLC) was founded in 2012 by brothers Eric and Jason Haines.  Eric is a Plain Township Fire Department Captain and Jason a Securities Principal.

As all fire departments are required by the state of Ohio to capture and report all in-the-field emergency call information for both EMS and fire; Eric was looking for a digital means for the Plain Township Fire Department to be more effective while meeting their obligation to the State.

The legacy systems used by many fire departments across Ohio required fire and rescue professional to duplicate effort and transcribe all information they captured in the field when they returned to quarters – a cumbersome and time consuming process.  An extensive search for new technology to improve these systems was unsuccessful so the Haines brothers took matters into their own hands.

The solution IMS developed – designed to eliminate the need to transcribe and duplicate effort utilizing Apple’s iPad – was rolled out in beta form with the Jackson Township Fire Department in November 2013.  It didn’t take long for numerous departments to see the advantages and jump on board.  Today more than fifteen area departments are using the IMS Solution and dozens more are field testing the solution and plan to cut over at year-end.

The IMS Solution allows for field personnel to easily capture required data for EMS, Fire, Fire Prevention and Personnel Management.  Even more exciting is that hospitals are now looking to integrate with the IMS Solution as an effective means to obtain and store call and patient care information.  Additionally, the administration personnel within the Fire Service are excited about the IMS Solution, which seamlessly provides information for billing agencies, eliminates State of Ohio reporting validation errors and has improved in-service availability (the measure of time a first responder is available to assist those in need) by 20%.

When IMS started they were operating on a server they hosted on their own, but quickly realized that to have the type of redundancies, securities, performance, “always up” availability and backups, they would need to move to a virtual computing model in a data center. Fortunately for IMS and their customers, SecureData 365 was right down the road. Haines explains that many of the departments using their solution feel more comfortable with the servers, data, and information being within a close proximity, “Fire department personnel aren’t unlike that the rest of us, they don’t fully understand the concept of a cloud server, so being able to point to a physical structure is a key element in building trust for the IMS Solution.”

IMS has very been pleased with the services received so far, “SecureData 365’s technical resources have been phenomenal – the customer service we have received has been above and beyond what we expected.  They are a great fit for us because they are always there – 24/7/365.  There are no ‘off hours’ in fire and rescue – and the same goes with SecureData 365,” explains Haines.

“We could not do what we do without SecureData 365,” explains Haines. “We’re excited about the opportunity to have an additional presence in the upcoming Cleveland center to promote even more redundancies, even though to date we haven’t had any downtime.”

“We’re thrilled to be helping IMS, the fire and rescue departments in the area, explained SecureData 365’s Executive VP Michael Campanelli.  “While many data centers will shy away from Apple applications, we were able to make it work with no issues.”