Interested in touring the Canton facility in person? If so, drop us a note.

Welcome to SecureData 365 - but to even enter the front door you need an access card or to be buzzed in.

State-of-the-art, clean, and new - the SecureData facility is open to you, 24/7.

To gain entrance to the center you will need to check in and show your ID.

The entire center - from the grounds right down to monitoring at the server level is overseen 24/7.

Signing in and a key card are not enough to gain entry - SD365 has biometric scanners to confirm the identity of each and every visitor.

Your equipment is secure in your own designated space within our racks...

And each cabinet is both locked and monitored separately.

For both easier maintenance and faster add/move/change, SD365 stores all cabling above the center's racks.

Redundant cooling units provide assurance that your equipment's environment is optimally maintained.

Our redundant generators ensure that your equipment continues to operate in case of interruption of utility power - and can continue to operate for days, weeks, and months with our fuel reserves.

SecureData's redundant power feeds are back by independent UPS protection

A & B power feeds provide an even additional level of fault tolerance

SD365 provides access to blended internet connectivity as well as direct carrier connections to ensure clients' ability to communicate