SecureData was built from the ground up to be a data center – no repurposing or shortcuts. Each and every feature of the facility was not only designed with the client in mind, but informed by their feedback during the development stages of our facility. Through focused attention on our customer’s and their input, and applying standards and best practices of a 21st century data center, we’ve built a facility that you can wholeheartedly trust, one that will protect your data, your equipment, and your business in every conceivable way.

SecureData 365 goes the extra step towards protecting your equipment with real-time monitoring not only at the room level, but at the cabinet level with sensors checking temperature, airflow, humidity, and the amount of power consumedIf any issue arises, at any hour, SecureData 365’s operations team is always there to take the necessary steps to resolve any potential problem and protect our clients’ gear.  Our constant monitoring helps us spot potential problems and head them off before they become an issue.  And if you need us to be your ‘remote hands,’ SecureData 365’s staff is there to assist you with the basic tasks required to support your computing equipment.