CARSTAR Turns to IT Lynk and SecureData 365 for Managed Services as well Data Center Services in Canton and Cleveland

carstarlogoAs the CEO for Cincinnati’s ten CARSTAR Collision Care Centers, Jim West knew he had come to the point where he needed to move to a data center – he just wasn’t sure what he needed from a data center. His CARSTAR locations had gone from an internal Data Center to an off-site Data Center to serve all of his locations.Prior to a move, West brought on cloud services provider IT Lynk. He describes the experience of IT Lynk as having “saved the day by bringing in a level of expertise sorely needed as CARSTAR’s systems were unstable and equipment was antiquated. This included an environment that was often virtualized in areas where it should not have been. IT Lynk was able to stabilize our environment and even support our proprietary software. This included connecting our management, estimating and accounting systems – and keeping us up, with better service and connectivity.”

itlynklogoChris Gurko of IT Lynk expands on the state of CARSTAR’s infrastructure explaining, “When their Storage Area Network (SAN) failed, CARSTAR found out that backups weren’t being run at all. Plus they were so far out of compliance with Microsoft licenses the business was faced with being shut down. All this and their connectivity wasn’t reliable.”

With a move to the SecureData 365 Canton data center, IT Lynk stabilized the infrastructure, got the SAN up, put security patches in place and brought the Microsoft licenses into compliance. CARSTAR away from tape backups to a data replication model on the IT Lynk platform to provide business continuity, not just disaster recovery. The IT Lynk platform has continuous availability made possible by a multi-gigabit network connectivity between the Cleveland and Canton SecureData 365 data centers, providing CARSTAR Cincinnati locations with a significant upgrade in connectivity and performance through VPN across fiber.

Prior to moving their operations to SecureData 365, IT Lynk was with another Cleveland data center that Gurko explained was “not a secure environment.” IT Lynk’s organizational goal to always be on the “latest, greatest, and fastest” platform brought them to SecureData 365 and what Gurko describes as a “true physical, secured environment.”

Gurko explains that their clients depend on a stable platform – a private cloud as a service. “Beyond having the most advanced centers in the region and providing fiber between the two centers for a redundant system, SecureData 365 takes their business… personally. Their partners matter to them and they treat the businesses in their center with the same urgency and care they would treat their own. We couldn’t find anyone else that met the requirements that SecureData 365 did including multiple power grids and multiple hubs. SecureData 365 cares about the security and integrity of everything on their floor – and that’s reflected in every interaction we have with them.”