Note to Chryssie Hynde – I Went Back To Ohio And My City WAS There

Headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider, delivering fuel, chemicals, industrial gases, and food-grade products nationwide. KAG has been a customer of SecureData 365’s Canton facility since 2010 – first with a data center that supported an acquisition and eventually moving their primary center to Canton.

kag logo“We wanted to move from a managed hosting model in St. Louis to a colocation model closer to home,” explained Tom Baughman, KAG’sVP, Information Technology. “Our relationship with SecureData 365 was stellar so we decided to colocate in their Canton location and reap the benefits of being within a proximity that would provide a private cloud at LAN speeds.”

Conversely, Kenan Advantage Group had kept its backup and disaster recovery in the St. Louis facility. Gradually and coming to a head this year, the IT department came to a decision that they preferred and felt more comfortable and secure having better access and availability to their backup/secondary facility and the servers housed within. So… back to Ohio, and their city was not gone… it had a new data center in it! Kenan found SecureData 365’s new location in Cleveland ready to serve as a backup facility.

Sixty-Two miles from Canton, the Cleveland data center is on a separate power grid, and a separate watershed (Cleveland’s weather is Great Lakes weather and Canton’s weather is Ohio River Valley weather). Cleveland also has about 15 different fiber/Internet providers. Along with built-in redundancies at each location, the redundancy of separate grids, carriers and weather made having a secondary center so close a reality.

“The fact that SecureData 365 has two centers connected by fiber made the move all that more appealing,” said Baughman. “With the fiber connectivity from data center to data center provided as a free service to tenants of both, the cost savings alone made the move worth it. Plus the ability to sync from center to center ensures business continuity for our critical systems.”

“On top of that, we are about to do a major hardware update,” explained Baughman. “The cost savings from the State waiving its sales tax for new equipment in the SecureData Cleveland center is another huge benefit as we do a hardware refresh.”

Baughman expressed that the process for KAG was a seamless process and easy. “A lot of local centers have a reputation for just trying to get you in the door then nickel and diming you… SecureData is focused on getting you up and running so you can be successful. They make sure we are happy and satisfied – and we are!”

“I like having our systems in Cleveland and Canton,” explains Baughman. “It gives me access, control, and redundancy while everything is a short car ride away.”

Pictured above, from left to right, Tom Baughman, Ernie Blood (SecureData 365), Steve Slater, Tom Rossiter, Chris Hicks, Nick Hastings, Dan Moffitt