All businesses require stable computing capacity to power their critical applications.  Whether you simply choose not to, or are unable to outlay the required capital, SecureData 365’s virtual computing environment lets you lease the systems you need to operate your business. And we let you do it outside of your own four walls, keeping your equipment safe and secure, overseen by our staff (not yours) – 24x7x365.

As a small business needing to ensure the operation of applications, or as a large enterprise needing a test environment, SecureData 365’s virtual computing environment allows you to run your computing, storage, and network on our equipment, a fault-tolerant hardware and VMware-based platform.  SecureData 365 facilitates operations handles maintenance, makes system repairs, and centralizes our data hosting in a controlled environment.

We provide the infrastructure and the operations expertise which greatly reduces required capital investment, including our advanced facility, cooling, power, staff and buying power. And we provide this for a fixed monthly fee.

The benefits of SecureData 365’s Virtual Computing include:

  • The ability to easily scale your infrastructure as the application and user base grow by leveraging on-demand capacity.
  • Built-in redundancy, with automatic local fail-over to protect against hardware failure.
  • Automated backup of your entire computing environment – server images and data.
  • Support the rapid deployment or expansion of your applications.
  • Multiple levels of security to protect against breaches, viruses, tampering, intrusion or theft.