Bitcoin Breeze LLC LogoThere’s a lot of mystery for many of us about bitcoins and how they work, but one thing that seems to be apparent is that they’re here to stay.  Big businesses like Apple, Dish, Expedia, Amazon and CVS are all accepting bitcoin. And one company finding great opportunity in the world of bitcoin is Cleveland’s Bitcoin Breeze, a newly formed company serving clients by managing and operating bitcoin mining hardware.

“At the ground floor of a rapidly expanding new industry, we’re one of the only businesses in America that offers these services to people mining for bitcoins and other virtual currencies,” explained Tom Fronczak, co-founder and Operations Manager of Bitcoin Breeze. “Our hurdle to getting started was finding a data center that was willing to step up to the extreme electrical demands that we have.”

To keep bitcoin mining machines running constantly, they require a massive amount of electricity. Not only are they very loud and greatly heat up a house, but owning and operating more than one machine can often cause power outages or require adding expensive extra circuit lines to residential homes. To run a multitude of customer machines required high power levels that exceeded what most data centers were willing to provide.

“It was critical for us to find a data center that would be able to handle our power requirements as we scaled our business,” explains Fronczak. “No one seemed to be up to the challenge until we spoke with SecureData 365, who didn’t blink at our extreme needs. Additionally, their Canton team has been immensely helpful and is available at all hours of the day.”

Bitcoin mining machines are so hot that even with significant cabinet cooling they can still overheat and crash. Bitcoin Breeze customers can avoid losing money (bitcoin losses) during these down times that occur in the middle of the night or while they’re away at work for hours before discovering a machine is down at home. Bitcoin Breeze has proprietary software that lets them monitor the machines 24 hours a day and immediately alerts their emails and cellphones when a crash occurs. They can then VPN into those machines to fix the issue online or employ a SecureData 365 staff member as “remote hands” 24×7 if it’s a more serious concern.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support the team at Bitcoin Breeze as they embark on this incredible journey,” says Michael Campanelli, VP of SecureData 365.  “Literally every month they’ve been here we have seen them bring in new clients, and with that new cabinet cooling and energy requirements that we’re able to meet to keep this up and coming business on the move.”

“We couldn’t be happier! SecureData 365 allows our business to meet its full potential,” emphasizes Fronczak.