emclogoEMC, a Midwest parts manufacturer holds themselves to high standards – as they promise “When it has to be right. When you need it right now.” EMC has been in the precision parts business for nearly 100 years, based on their exceptional parts quality, their reliability, and their word. Not only has EMC Precision set itself apart from the competition with impeccable on-time delivery for uninterrupted production, they provide complex parts on a turn-on-a-dime response time for urgent needs. And while they expect much of themselves, EMC equally expects excellence from its partners.

Needless to say, when EMC’s computer systems go down, it impacts their business – and could impact their ability to keep their promises. EMC’s incumbent provider was providing slow, unreliable computer system service that included numerous outages, threatening EMC’s ability to grow. It was the inability to receive reliable, 100% uptime that led EMC to move away from its incumbent data center in 2012 and choose instead to partner with SecureData 365 for its virtual computing and server management needs. By using SecureData 365’s virtual computing environment, EMC is able to lease for a fraction of what it would cost to buy equipment. At the same time, EMC can outsource system management for greater magnitudes of security and safety.

“In our business it’s a regular occurrence to have to overcome tough challenges,” explains Brad Ohlemacher, president of EMC Precision. “When our data center wasn’t willing or able to work through challenges with us – challenges that could have impacted our business – we knew it was time to move to a data center that aligned with us culturally. We won’t stand for imperfection, so why should our data center be okay with being mediocre?”

EMC, according to Ohlemacher, sought out a regional data center who brought to the table all the expertise and vision they would expect to receive from a highly paid internal team – should they go down that road. But like most small to medium sized businesses, EMC has found the cost efficiencies of outsourcing to a firm like SecureData 365 provides much more flexibility, reliability, security, and technical expertise, for a fraction of the cost. And virtual computing gives a nimble, easy to expand quality to their computer system they dearly need.

An independent consultant tasked with overseeing the transition, explains that not only was the choice an easy one, but SecureData 365 made the move process and transition much easier than she anticipated.

“We knew about SecureData’s reputation as the premier hosting and virtual computing environment in Ohio, what we were blown away by was the ease of the transition process. They said what they were going to do, handled all the details, and delivered on the transition over a weekend. They made sure the business didn’t miss a beat.”

“Today, SecureData handles all of our back office reliably… it is always there, and always running. There’s a peace of mind that SecureData provides,” explains Ohlemacher. “And if challenges arise, or if our needs change, we’re confident we’ve chosen a team that will be able to help us grow, adapt, and continue to bring support to our customers. We tell our customers to count on us when there’s simply no wiggle room. We chose SecureData 365 because we, like most companies, can’t afford wiggle room with our technology infrastructure.”