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Cleveland Technology Center Reflects Changing Downtown Landscape

cleAs most natives are aware, Cleveland has a rich and prosperous history based largely on an economy that adapts with the times.  From being a robust shipping port to a giant in the industrial and manufacturing age, Cleveland has a rich history of being at the forefront of the industry of the times.

As a City, Cleveland has been a bit slower entering into the digital economy. While there have been organizations driving innovation (including broadband fiber provider OneCommunity), for the most part it is fair to say that as a community, our transition from manufacturing to knowledge economy has been slower than ideal.

No longer – the opening of the Cleveland Technology Center is a significant, watershed moment for Cleveland.  Beyond the symbolism of transforming a manufacturing center into the Cleveland Technology Center, the innovation and technology that will take place in this facility will be important and help to drive Cleveland’s economy.

We’re seeing this before the doors to the Cleveland Technology Center even open as firms from across the nation (including Wall Street) and across the globe (as close as Canada and as far away as Asia) are turning to SecureData 365 for cloud and IT services housed in our existing Canton center and supported by the region’s a robust fiber backbone.  The soon-to-open Cleveland SecureData 365 data center in the Cleveland Technology Center is already attracting interest from companies looking to bring their data centers back home to Cleveland.  Additional organizations with centers in less advanced and riskier weather areas are also excited to relocate to the Cleveland Technology Center.

Cleveland is quickly becoming a region known for its innovation every bit as much as we were for our manufacturing heritage.  And ByteGrid’s 60 million dollar investment in the Cleveland Technology Center project, as home to SecureData 365 and other firms looking to innovate will serve as a home away from home for thousands of IT staffers visiting the Cleveland data center annually. Beyond attracting businesses from across the nation, we are keeping our own IT professionals here in Cleveland as thousands will go in and out of the center every year.

Finally, the State of Ohio is recognizing the need to support our transition into the knowledge economy as they are extending new tenants in the Cleveland Technology Center a tax exemption of the 8% state sales tax associated with the purchase of any equipment placed in SecureData 365 in the next fifteen years.