The Cost of Data Center Downtime

I was speaking to an out-of-town colleague last week and he was complaining that his Internet service was down. He works from a home office and has Internet service from one of the large national ISP’s and apparently much of his city (Denver) was down. So every business in Denver metro that relies on this particular ISP lost 4 hours of productivity.

buttonHow big a deal is this? It is a nuisance and productivity is lost – but nowhere near the catastrophic deal that a data center outage would be. A few years ago one organization made an attempt at quantifying the cost to businesses if their data center experienced an outage. A 2013 study by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Emerson Network Power estimated the average cost of an unplanned data center outage at $7,900 per minute. This is up from 2010 when it was estimated to cost $5,600/minute. With the study due to come out again next year and more and more critical IT systems located “in the cloud” than ever before, this number is sure to increase.

The average data center outage among the 67 data centers surveys was 86 minutes, meaning that on average, this cost their customers $690,200. Higher technology dependent and e-commerce companies could see that cost more than double to $1.7 million.

These are the numbers that drive us, 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure that our Cleveland and Canton data centers never experience an outage. We have at both facilities:

  • Redundant Power Feeds/UPS with in-line Battery Back-up
  • N+1 Back-up Generators
  • N+1 Cooling Systems
  • Multiple ISP’s
  • Mated Pair Firewall, Router & Switch Network Design
  • Mated Pair Chassis, Blade, Switch and Mirrored Disk Design for Virtual Computing & Back-up Platforms

In addition to the redundant infrastructure, we have a custom built monitoring system that monitors the environment surrounding customer hardware located in our facilities (2 probes per each locking 42U cabinet) and all of the above mentioned critical systems. The monitoring system is designed to alert our staff of potential problems before they become expensive outage causing problems for our clients.

In the six years we have been in business we have never experienced a data center outage. Couple that with SSAE 16 compliant physical and logical security at both the Cleveland and Canton data centers and you can be assured that SecureData 365 is here to ensure your systems will remain, up, running and making you money rather than costing you money.

You Deserve Better Than a “Jack of All Trades”

jackIt’s a common description to call someone a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.” We are not sure that this is a compliment, but for many data centers it has become a way of life. Beyond infrastructure, many centers are taking a crack at a variety of managed and other services in addition to providing the Infrastructure of a data center.

Unfortunately, we are hearing from many clients of these data centers that they are unhappy with the other services they purchased from their data center provider. At SecureData 365, we believe that when you try to be all things to all customers you end up not doing anything well including delivering your core data center service. As we’ve opened a Cleveland data center, we have found more and more organizations relieved to find a data center company that is focused on it’s core competency (operating a world class data center) in SecureData 365.

SecureData 365’s focus is on keeping a secure, reliable center up-and-running with round the clock support. Period. If you need managed services, network services, hardware maintenance, or application support, we will introduce you to providers we’ve vetted, work with and trust. Or you can bring your own partners who provide these services to our data centers in Canton and Cleveland.

In the meantime, a lot of businesses are locked into long-term contracts with datacenters they are unhappy with. If you are one of these companies who is unhappy with your current datacenter provider and feel “stuck” due to a remaining contractual commitment, we’d encourage you to drop us a note so we can give you a tour of our Cleveland and/or Canton centers and discuss the financial incentives we can provide to “unstick” you from a contract with a provider you are unhappy with.

When Safe Isn’t Secure

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast it didn’t spare Cleveland. Click the video below right to see how even the building the County relies on was thought to be in dire straits.  Is your business prepared for the next potential disaster?


It’s not the end of the world…  But it could be the end of your business.

The world and the crazy climate events can be a pretty scary place. And for businesses and their IT departments, it is even scarier. While these storms of the century are knocking systems out, the fact is that 90% of all companies that are unable to resume business operations within 5 days of a disaster are out of business within 1 year.

And while no one knows for sure the cause – climate change, global warming… the Mayans’ were right?  There is no denying that there’s a trend where increasingly we are seeing events that require your disaster recovery plan is safe… and sound.

So while you buy generators and wait in gas lines to keep the lights on in your home – what can you do to ensure business continuity?  You probably have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place – but what happens when your business contingency runs out of their own contingencies. During the most recent “Frankenstorm” area data centers were unable to stay online due to fuel shortages and sometimes even flooding.

cuomoHow much does your business lose when you are down for an hour, a day, or worse? If you’re like most of your peers – outages themselves can be catastrophic. And some of your peers are taking matters into their own hands and moving to a trusted data center in Canton, Ohio called SecureData 365.

If you would like more information on how SecureData 365 can keep your business going, even in the eye of the storm, contact Michael Campanelli for an assessment on how we can help. You have lots of different kinds of insurance – think of us as business continuity insurance for the next 100 year storm.

PolyOne Stays Secure in Canton

polyone-logoEven before Sandy, we have seen more and more businesses taking a fresh look at their disaster recovery strategies.  What companies here in Ohio and across the nation are finding is that the strategy their organization is relying on for business continuity is falling woefully short.

Whether it’s the result of relying on tape-based backups, data centers that are too close or too far geographically, or some other of the hundred reasons a solid disaster recovery plan is imperative – businesses are finding that in 2013 they need a sound strategy, or they’ll find themselves out of business with the next “100 year storm” or man-made disaster. According to a study by Agility Recovery Solutions:

  • Nearly 4 in 5 (78%) of businesses faced with a catastrophe without a contingency plan are out of business within 2 years, and
  • 9 in 10 (90%) of companies unable to resume business operations within 5 days of a disaster are out of business within 1 year.

Mostly disaster recovery is talked about in terms of bringing systems back up in days rather than hours. Can the most critical operations of your business be offline for days?

By developing redundant network at SecureData 365, PolyOne has affordably driven recovery time and recovery point down to less than an hour. Read how they did it >>