People or Plastic?

It’s remarkable what we can do with just a credit card and an Internet connection today. It’s absolute nirvana for the shy or antisocial – or simply the person like myself who is looking for speed and convenience.

Last week I went to Chicago to speak at the Fall Forum on Data Centers and Cloud Services Infrastructure… whew, a mouthful – but basically a gathering of data center professionals.

I purchased my plane ticket and booked my hotel online… used my Uber app to get a ride to the hotel use my phone to go straight to my room! I was successfully sailing through the trip with zero direct human interaction. I felt like a millennial and I’m not sure I liked it – but, this is the world we live in today.

All was going great until I realized that I had forgotten my razor, so I went to the front desk and talked to a human being who gave me a disposable razor for my stay. On my way back to my room, I stopped by the concierge desk to get better information about local restaurant choices than I could get on my phone. And you know what, it worked out! It turns out that speaking with other people still has value in 2017.

Thinking of our world of IT/technology, do we value human interaction? How easy is it for you to speak (or email) with your data center/colocation facility? Is your data center a colocation/cloud facility that offer services with the click of a button? Convenient, yes. But what happens when you “forget your razor?” What happens when that standard restaurant is not what you want and you are looking for something special? Far too many data centers – small and large alike – are nearly impossible to talk to when you need them or receive customer service specific to your needs.

Each and every client in either (or both) of SecureData 365’s data centers have 24/7/365 access to a person. That is right… a real live person for when you need help because eventually, you will. What’s more, our services cannot merely be boiled down to a pick-list of options. When you come to SecureData for colocation services (any service really), we come up with the best solution for your business needs! So, yes it is nice to be a millennial sometimes and rely only on a credit card, an internet connection, and no human interaction… but SecureData 365 recognizes these are your critical business systems – doesn’t your business deserve the best service available?

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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