Why You Should Put Your Public Cloud With Your Private Cloud

More and more companies are offloading commodity servers and storage to large cloud providers including Microsoft and Amazon.  This is great and cost effective on the surface – but these large providers have had their share of major outages. Consider the number of outages SecureData 365’s cloud has had in more than seven years (zero) and the prices we’re charging for our virtual computing services and you’ll find a better cloud.  After all, who would have better clouds than Northeast Ohio (it’s a rain joke).

More and more local companies are using SecureData 365’s cloud services for these non-critical/commodity servers because the SecureData 365 Cloud is designed to be always up and is located in the same data center (either our Cleveland or Canton facility) where their critical/strategic systems are already running on their own hardware/private cloud  – this gives our customers LAN speeds between their hardware and the cloud and takes advantage of the network infrastructure they already have in our data centers.

Not one of our cloud/virtual computing clients has ever had an outage on one of our servers – Amazon Web Services can’t say that! We’ve made significant investments to increase the redundancies of an already redundant data center including mirrored flash storage, redundant high speed SDN switching capabilities, as well as redundancy enhancements to our blades/chassis have all been made to make sure SecureData 365 is your most reliable option for your cloud solutions. We’d love to show you firsthand how safe, secure, and rock solid the SD365 cloud solutions are, if you would like a tour, please contact us.

Article by:
Doug Adams

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