Preventing Ransomware With Regularly Scheduled Backups

SecureData 365 Has a Special Set of Skills to Prevent You From Paying a Ransom

Until recently “ransomware” was the IT’s equivalent of either Fight Club or Voldemort. We don’t talk about it – and saying it out loud only tempts fate. Except this past week saw the largest global ransomware attack ever (due to un-patched Microsoft software) hit computers everywhere. The attack has claimed at least 200,000 victims – hopefully you and/or your organization are not one of them.

As you know, ransomware can easily infect your network – it only takes one click from one individual on your network to take your business to a place where you are running the cost-benefit analysis of paying the ransom. It’s a virus that doesn’t just infect your data- it’s encrypted and your access to the data is taken.

The good news is that SecureData 365 has a special set of skills to help you from being a victim. Comprehensive backups stored at SecureData 365 – isolated from the rest of your network – gives you a clean solution to getting your data back, without paying a ransom!

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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