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Is IT Mainstream?

Palace Malice, Creator, Union Rags, American Pharoah, California Chrome, Oxbow and now… Cloud Computing!

How great is this? IT professionals have a horse we can believe in, rally around, and jump on the bandwagon!

In case you missed the Preakness last weekend, a horse named Cloud Computing won the Preakness, one of the three triple crown races run every spring.

And so we raise our smartphones and servers (virtual) to Cloud Computing and wish him luck in the Belmont Stakes!

Preventing Ransomware With Regularly Scheduled Backups

SecureData 365 Has a Special Set of Skills to Prevent You From Paying a Ransom

Until recently “ransomware” was the IT’s equivalent of either Fight Club or Voldemort. We don’t talk about it – and saying it out loud only tempts fate. Except this past week saw the largest global ransomware attack ever (due to un-patched Microsoft software) hit computers everywhere. The attack has claimed at least 200,000 victims – hopefully you and/or your organization are not one of them.

As you know, ransomware can easily infect your network – it only takes one click from one individual on your network to take your business to a place where you are running the cost-benefit analysis of paying the ransom. It’s a virus that doesn’t just infect your data- it’s encrypted and your access to the data is taken.

The good news is that SecureData 365 has a special set of skills to help you from being a victim. Comprehensive backups stored at SecureData 365 – isolated from the rest of your network – gives you a clean solution to getting your data back, without paying a ransom!