The Booming Data Center Business

We’ve discussed ourselves the tremendous growth and economic impact in the data center space. Right here in Ohio, our Cleveland center is rapidly filling after being open for only a little more than a year.  We’ve seen a job multiplier effect of our own data centers as thousands of IT professionals come through our doors every year. So jobs are indirectly created as these professionals will, more often than not, be within a reasonable vicinity to their primary data center.  

In a feature in The New York Times a few weeks ago they did an in-depth dive into how data centers in Texas are creating a min-economic boom.  Within the article, Ross Perot Jr. (not that one… his son) calls data centers the modern equivalent of America’s early 20th century factories. 

While SecureData 365’s own data centers are rapidly growing, the industry across North America experienced significant growth in 2015. U.S. multi-tenant data centers (like SecureData 365) earned $115.3 billion in revenue last year, a 6.1 percent increase from 2014. 

While large enterprises may still operate their own data center, more and more organizations, no matter the size are getting out of the data center business. The Times explains that more and more companies are shunning the costly and complex data center management world to concentrate on their core business, resulting in the rise of more and more multi-tenant centers that offer data center expertise and security. 

Another trend that we adopted years ago covered in the article is centers starting a “pay-as-you-go” model with power. The premise is really simple and surprising rarely used, in spite of the fact that SecureData 365 has always employed this model as the most fair way to charge.  

As businesses’ need for secure operations and data storage increase, there’s no doubt that data centers are in demand more than ever – centers operated by the experts rather than an in-house effort.  If you are ready to move to Ohio’s most secure and reliable centers, we’d encourage you to schedule a tour.  

Article by:
Doug Adams

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