When It’s Time To Move On From a Bad Backup Strategy

Don’t Let Your Backup Be The Disaster Part 2  

Recently, we have witnessed several customers (not the Cleveland Browns) have an “OH CRAP” moment when systems fail and although they have religiously made back-ups they have NO plan in place with what to do with those back-ups to actually get systems up and running again.

There are several back-up vendors who now claim to solve this problem (Veeam, Unitrends) by not only providing back-ups of virtual servers but also having them reconstituted and running in an event of a true disaster – theoretically preventing that “Oh Crap” moment.

These solutions work well for virtual servers, but almost every business has some critical system running on a physical box because the system cannot be virtualized. So Veeam and Unitrends are not truly completely eliminating that “Oh Crap” moment.

SecureData 365 has partnered with T1 Co and their team of professionals who maintain critical backup, recovery and restoral storage and equipment at both our Cleveland and Canton data centers (62 miles apart and on different power grids). With T1’s help, SecureData 365 can provide back-up and instantaneous recovery of BOTH virtual and physical systems on-site and off premise totally eliminating that “Oh Crap” moment when you have a failure and are wondering how to take your back-ups and get them running again.

billy shirtIf you are interested in learning more, contact us for a 30-minute meeting and we’ll bring you a “Billy” T-shirt as a reminder of not letting “your back-up be the disaster.”

And while we’re at it, we’ll bring you $25 of chips for The Horseshoe so you can stop gambling on “crappy” backups and quench that gambling thirst at the blackjack table.

To setup a short visit and receive your gifts, contact SecureData 365 at 888-912-3282 or info@securedata365.com.

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Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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