Small Businesses Gambling with Their Business

dice2Recently Nationwide released the results of a survey of small and medium-sized businesses and the results are a bit alarming. In a survey of businesses with less than 300 employees, a full 75 percent of businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. To make matters worse, a little more than half (52%) of these same businesses realize it would take at least three months to recover from a disaster. Most businesses are out of business at this point.

It gets worse for small businesses in the survey (less than 50 employees) as only 18% of these businesses have a disaster recovery plan – especially impactful as the 2010 US census revealed that 90% of our nation’s businesses fall in this category.

Businesses seem to be betting against any sort of natural disaster or significant outage as one in four (26%) believe the likelihood of a natural disaster occurring in their area is slim. That’s probably the same way east coasters felt three years ago this October before Hurricane Sandy put businesses offline for what was weeks in many cases. Many businesses went out of business in the wake of Sandy.

It’s great to say that we live in Ohio, so what could happen. And for the most part you would be right… it is not like anything could happen in Ohio that would leave half the country without power. Right? In 2003 Ohio was actually the cause of a blackout that darkened much of the Midwest and northeast. The blackout impacted nearly 3 million people in the Cleveland/Akron area – and with them, businesses.

You can tempt fate and you may be fine. But are you willing to bet your business on it? With countless backup generators and backup ISP line serving both our Cleveland and Canton centers, SecureData 365 can help you develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan to keep you in business while your competitors scramble.


Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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