Same Security and Access… Less Hassle

kioskIf you’ve visited SecureData 365 you know that we had a pretty rigorous sign-in system for access to the center already in place.  The downside was the extra time (and trees) required to run a paper-based system.

For our clients’ convenience, for greater security, and to do a little bit towards saving the planet we’ve moved our access registration to an electronic kiosk.  The next time you visit SecureData 365’s facilities you will be asked to present your driver’s license or company photo ID.  We’ll scan it while you complete the registration process within the system as well as a personal 6-digit pin.

On subsequent visits, you simply login to the kiosk with your pin and your information will pop up for the center’s operations team to verify your identity (using the photo from registration) and provide you access to go with the one-time pass the kiosk produces.

Automating this system also provides you with the ability to track when your staff and vendors are in the center on your behalf.  We can even provide you with email alerts should you want to track when a vendor (or one of your employees) is in the center to service your equipment.

This is a great way for us to verify that everyone trying to enter the center belongs in the center.

Article by:
Doug Adams

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