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Preventing Unplanned Data Center Outages

empty batteryWhen batteries go bad, you know it.  It is not rocket science, your device just stops working.  Today’s smart phones warn you as your battery life dwindles throughout the day… going from solid green to half green, red and then dead.   It stinks that the battery doesn’t last longer – but you do have a chance to do something about it.  You have ample warning.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for your data center batteries that are designed to provide uninterrupted power.  Should the power go out, a data center’s battery system is the bridge from the utility power supply to the generators – critical for companies whose business depends on always-up service.  It does seem absurd, but it’s a fact that most centers in Ohio and across the United States have no way to know that the batteries they and their clients rely on will work when called upon.  According to a Ponemon Institute study in September, 2013, the most frequently cited cause of data center outages – 55 percent – are attributed to UPS battery failure.

Until recently SecureData 365’s center was taking great care to check each and every battery on a quarterly basis.  And occasionally, we did find some that indeed needed to be replaced.  Fortunately because we did this regular checking the batteries were always available when put to that ultimate test.  It’s a dangerous game – but checking batteries regularly is truly considered industry best practices.

SecureData 365 has upgraded our UPS power systems to include the Alber battery monitoring system. In essence, it’s like a smartphone battery indicator for each and every battery in our data center.

More specifically, SecureData 365’s new battery monitoring system monitors all batteries, all cell voltages. It is an “always on” monitoring system to detect developing problems long before the battery goes out.  This continuous monitoring of our batteries is a huge improvement over the standard quarterly testing that is the industry standard.

Our commitment to constantly upgrading our infrastructure and always reaching for better than best has led companies across the Midwest to our Canton data center.  We’d love the chance to show you why… as well as our fancy smartphone battery life indicator.