Don’t Let Your Backup Be The Disaster

Do you have any kind of business continuity/disaster recovery plan?  If you’re like many companies, the answer is no – I’m not going to go into a lecture about how important it is and how you are putting your business at risk – you can read about that here.

For the small business, I’m sure you hear a lot about backup services from Microsoft or Carbonite for a minimal fee – which are great if all you care about is getting your files back, but you are not backing up your system – and recovery from a major event will require days if not weeks, depending on the extent of the outage and how many users you have… with no system backups.

SecureData 365 offers a complete system backup. Our dedicated storage environment can take all of your server and system data. Should the worst happen and you need your backups, you will be back in business quickly.  SecureData’s backup services include a standard retention policy, client-initiated file retrieval, data deduplication, and optional bare metal restoration.

SecureData 365 offers much more than just backup, we can manage and monitor hosted computing systems and applications. While we will provide design services for server and application design, we provide the day-to-day services to support including helpdesk and remote hands support including activities such as: tape swaps, custom network configuration and maintenance, and server rebooting.

SecureData 365 leverages Gartner’s top-ranked backup and storage solution for three years running – CommVault – to provide data backup services. The advantage with using CommVault is it features a relatively small footprint client software that de-duplicates and transmits data to the storage nodes, meaning a more affordable alternative.  Multiple recovery points are saved, allowing retrieval to daily, weekly, or monthly data states. We provide storage, archive, and offsite backups.

No matter what backup system you use, make sure your disaster plan system is not a disaster itself.  SecureData’s experts can design a business continuity plan for any budget, assuring your recovery doesn’t you out of business longer than you can afford.

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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