SecureData 365 Announces Significant Switching Infrastructure Upgrade

Arista Networks Switches Installed to Provide Technical Upgrade and Additional Business Benefits

(October 14, 2013) Canton, Ohio –SecureData 365 and Arista Networks announced today that Arista’s 7050 Series Ethernet Switches have been installed to upgrade the Canton facility’s infrastructure.  For SecureData 365, the commitment to continue to provide world-class, advanced technology solutions led to the changeover to Arista.

Arista-Networks-Limited-6194SecureData is the first Ohio hosting facility data center to make the change to Arista’s switches, providing SecureData and its clients with numerous benefits, technology upgrades, and efficiencies. Silicon Valley-based Arista Networks provides switches to more effectively automate networks, provide increased speed and scalability, enable network visibility without sacrificing security, all while being optimized for power, density and cooling. The Arista7050 Series of switches addresses the growth of big data, IP Storage applications, expansion of web and cloud data centers and dense virtualized multi-tenancy environments.

“We’re always looking for the latest and best technology to not only increase our own center’s productivity and capabilities, but to bring our clients the highest network performance available, explained Michael Campanelli, Vice President at SecureData 365. “By providing better speed and technology while offering switches that require less shelf space and energy, we’re excited to have Arista in our center.”

By integrating Arista Networks switches into the Canton center, SecureData 365 is able to offer clients stronger solutions for big data, cloud and private cloud, storage, and virtualization solutions – with low latency and high performance.  Arista’s EOS (Extensible Operating System) software runs across the switches providing robust and reliable data center communication services while delivering stability, openness and modularity.

“We are delighted to be working with SecureData 365 to deliver the best network solutions for  the cloud,” said Douglas Gourlay, Vice President of Systems Engineering and Technology Marketing for Arista Networks.  “The Arista 7050 Series and Arista EOS were built to address the scalability and reliability requirements for today’s most demanding data center applications.”

About Arista Networks
The company was founded to deliver software defined cloud networking solutions for large data center and computing environments. Arista’s award-winning 10/40/100 GbE switches redefine scalability, robustness, and price–performance, with 2000 customers and more than one million cloud networking ports being deployed worldwide. At the core of Arista’s platform is EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system. Arista Networks products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers.

About SecureData 365
SecureData 365 is a premier, state-of-the-art data center located in Canton Ohio. Designed from the ground-up to deliver unwavering power and connectivity thanks to multiple redundant systems, SecureData 365 offers the stability and reliability required by enterprise clients. The region’s Fortune 2000 organizations are quickly recognizing that the unique combination of facility, people, and service offerings make SecureData 365 the preeminent choice for data center services in the Midwest. Visit  SecureData online at www.securedata365,com.

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