Improving RTO Doesn’t Have to Mean Downtime

Managing to an acceptable Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is a significant concern as recovery and backup is becoming a bigger challenge every day.  Data growth, data center consolidation, and virtualization are changing the game when it comes to backup – and if you’re not careful, you’ll be on the losing end of that game (think Youngstown State playing Ohio State).

A recent InformationWeek revealed that ESG research showed 27% of IT professionals are experiencing an “unacceptable level of downtime/need to improve RTO” while 23% are finding an “unacceptable level of data loss/need to improve RPO” (Recovery Point Objective).

So what do you use for your Cleveland backup solution? No matter how your company in Ohio conducts network and data backup, it is more critical than ever to have a reliable strategy to protect your business and its data. Unfortunately, backup in Ohio is no different than anywhere else – you’re limited by the amount of data that needs backup divided by bandwidth and time. And often backups require more network and processor power available. And so we take shortcuts, we only backup “critical” data or we backup less frequently… or both.

cvThe SecureData 365 team is always on the lookout for great solutions – and CommVault’s backup undoubtedly fits into that category as Gartner’s top-ranked backup and storage solution for three years running. Utilizing CommVault, SecureData is providing unmatched backup solutions for our clients.  In short, by using CommVault, our clients leverage this powerful software solution to increase their effectiveness and frequency of backup and with it, increase the ability to restore from comprehensive backups, quickly.

By taking data snapshots, indexing, deduplication, search and replication of data that needs to be updated (why backup the same 3 year old file over and over again) CommVault efficiently captures your entire network and all of its data, at a frequency you can live with, improving recovery times.

So no matter what media you’re backing up your data to, SecureData 365 and CommVault can help you do it more efficiently.

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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