Power Outages Don’t have to be a Fact of Life

candlesTen years after the blackout of 2003 took out 50 million people’s electricity – from Michigan around the Great Lakes and to the East Coast – and a few weeks after a single data center outage took down one million websites, the question remains… Is there any way to ensure “always on” businesses in 2013?

After all, the power grid is, in essence, one large machine – with moving parts across the country. While monitoring and preventive measures have been put in place to avoid power outages – the fact is, there’s no way to oversee all of the moving parts – and no way to predict when (or if) the next outage will occur.

In fact, there is evidence to show that in spite of the cautionary tale that was a major, crippling outage – power outages have actually INCREASED over the past ten years.

In the five years following the 2003 outage, the U.S. Energy department measured a 69% increase in power outages while the number of U.S. power outages affecting 50,000 or more consumers more than doubled.

The fact remains, while steps are taken to prevent the kind of cascading outages that happened in 2003, aging infrastructure and a lack of investment to keep equipment up-to-date makes outages not only a possibility, but a probability.

There’s no way to make sure the power doesn’t go out – but for your critical business applications there are steps to take to make sure that your business stays up and no matter what mother nature (or the U.S. power grid) throws at you.  SecureData 365’s data center services not only offer redundancies in power and Internet suppliers that ensure you’re always up and available – but should the worst happen, our generators will run for days, weeks, or months if needed.

And in case you were wondering – SecureData 365 rests on the AEP power grid that was NOT impacted by the 2003 outage.  Businesses and organizations from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and New York depend on SecureData 365. That includes healthcare institutions where staying up is literally life and death.

So while we may not be able to keep your ice cream cold during the next blackout, your heart can remain warm knowing your business is in safe hands.

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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