Why All Clouds Aren’t Created Equal

cloudsThis past week Network World published the Worst Cloud Outages of 2013 (So Far).  It is a stark reminder that just because you’re in the cloud, that doesn’t mean you’re safe, secure, or more efficient.  These “cringe worthy” events remind us as we all clamor to get to the cloud to take great care and get to the right cloud.   Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all technology behemoths that have failed to avoid outages – so how can you?

Let’s not lose sight of exactly why everyone is flocking to the cloud and the cost savings, efficiencies, productivity enhancements, etc. that it can offer.   But while the cloud can be great for your business, the wrong cloud at a less than secure data center could have dire consequences for your business. One national magazine (as detailed in Cloud Pro) lost 12 years of their article archive. Without warning, the data center pulled the plug and they lost everything.

So when you’re looking to the cloud for storage or hosting, here’s a checklist of considerations:

Is the cloud being backed up? It is great to be diligent about storing your data in the cloud… but what happens if your cloud storage is lost? Is your provider making a backup – just in case?

What is the historic uptime of the cloud service provider? If your business is relying on applications you are moving to the cloud, make sure that the host is always up – and should there be an outage, they have a contingency for keeping your applications running.

Just how secure is your cloud? Make sure you understand how private your private cloud is – your provider should be able to detail the numerous ways in which your information is secured.

How does SecureData 365 deliver cloud services?
We’re already in a position to say not one of our cloud/virtual computing clients has had an outage on an SD365 hosted server – but we’re not resting on our laurels. In the past few months we’ve made significant investments to increase the redundancies of an already redundant data center. Updates in disk trays, adding SDN switching capabilities, as well as redundancy enhancements have all been made to make sure SecureData 365 is your safest option for your cloud solutions. We’d love to show you firsthand how safe, secure, and rock solid the SD365 cloud solutions are, if you would like a tour, please contact us.

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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