For Virtualization in Ohio, It’s About More than Security

Number of IT Professionals who feel constraints on their IT budget.

Number of IT Professionals who feel constraints on their IT budget.

According to a recently published study of IT professionals by SAVVIS, IT purse strings seem to be loosening in 2013 compared to the past two years – especially 2010.

So Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and the entire Midwest seem to have a new lease on life (pun intended). That’s because in spite of budget being more available, more and more Midwest businesses are turning towards virtualization in Ohio’s premiere data center, SecureData 365.

More and more companies in IT departments are making the choice to lease their equipment – to turn to a source for a virtualized environment rather than an in-house, expensive, and risky server farm.

One Cleveland firm recently made the decision to switch to a virtualized environment in our Canton facility rather than spend a half million dollars on new servers. This strategy allows them to hold down prices, and avoid being tied down to technology that can quickly become obsolete.

regretsAnother Akron firm sees some of its servers approaching end-of-life while others are relatively new, performing well. So they’ve decided to switch to a hybrid environment at SecureData, with their newer servers being co-located while virtualization fits the bill for both their end-of-like needs as well as their growing capacity requirements.

By turning towards a virtualization strategy, IT professionals will no longer (to quote a SportsCenter anchor…I cannot remember which one), be drooling the drool of regret into the pillow of remorse.

That’s exactly what HALF of IT professionals are doing today. According to the same SAVVIS study, 50% of organizations own IT equipment they regret buying. Today, turning to a data center like SecureData 365 in Canton helps you avoid the costly outlay of capital… and helps you avoid the drool of regret.

Organizations from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and thanks to Sandy, as far as New York, are turning towards SecureData for virtualization in Ohio – drop me a note and let’s discuss how we can help your organization.



Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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