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For Virtualization in Ohio, It’s About More than Security

Number of IT Professionals who feel constraints on their IT budget.

Number of IT Professionals who feel constraints on their IT budget.

According to a recently published study of IT professionals by SAVVIS, IT purse strings seem to be loosening in 2013 compared to the past two years – especially 2010.

So Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and the entire Midwest seem to have a new lease on life (pun intended). That’s because in spite of budget being more available, more and more Midwest businesses are turning towards virtualization in Ohio’s premiere data center, SecureData 365.

More and more companies in IT departments are making the choice to lease their equipment – to turn to a source for a virtualized environment rather than an in-house, expensive, and risky server farm.

One Cleveland firm recently made the decision to switch to a virtualized environment in our Canton facility rather than spend a half million dollars on new servers. This strategy allows them to hold down prices, and avoid being tied down to technology that can quickly become obsolete.

regretsAnother Akron firm sees some of its servers approaching end-of-life while others are relatively new, performing well. So they’ve decided to switch to a hybrid environment at SecureData, with their newer servers being co-located while virtualization fits the bill for both their end-of-like needs as well as their growing capacity requirements.

By turning towards a virtualization strategy, IT professionals will no longer (to quote a SportsCenter anchor…I cannot remember which one), be drooling the drool of regret into the pillow of remorse.

That’s exactly what HALF of IT professionals are doing today. According to the same SAVVIS study, 50% of organizations own IT equipment they regret buying. Today, turning to a data center like SecureData 365 in Canton helps you avoid the costly outlay of capital… and helps you avoid the drool of regret.

Organizations from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and thanks to Sandy, as far as New York, are turning towards SecureData for virtualization in Ohio – drop me a note and let’s discuss how we can help your organization.



When Safe Isn’t Secure

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast it didn’t spare Cleveland. Click the video below right to see how even the building the County relies on was thought to be in dire straits.  Is your business prepared for the next potential disaster?


It’s not the end of the world…  But it could be the end of your business.

The world and the crazy climate events can be a pretty scary place. And for businesses and their IT departments, it is even scarier. While these storms of the century are knocking systems out, the fact is that 90% of all companies that are unable to resume business operations within 5 days of a disaster are out of business within 1 year.

And while no one knows for sure the cause – climate change, global warming… the Mayans’ were right?  There is no denying that there’s a trend where increasingly we are seeing events that require your disaster recovery plan is safe… and sound.

So while you buy generators and wait in gas lines to keep the lights on in your home – what can you do to ensure business continuity?  You probably have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place – but what happens when your business contingency runs out of their own contingencies. During the most recent “Frankenstorm” area data centers were unable to stay online due to fuel shortages and sometimes even flooding.

cuomoHow much does your business lose when you are down for an hour, a day, or worse? If you’re like most of your peers – outages themselves can be catastrophic. And some of your peers are taking matters into their own hands and moving to a trusted data center in Canton, Ohio called SecureData 365.

If you would like more information on how SecureData 365 can keep your business going, even in the eye of the storm, contact Michael Campanelli for an assessment on how we can help. You have lots of different kinds of insurance – think of us as business continuity insurance for the next 100 year storm.

PolyOne Stays Secure in Canton

polyone-logoEven before Sandy, we have seen more and more businesses taking a fresh look at their disaster recovery strategies.  What companies here in Ohio and across the nation are finding is that the strategy their organization is relying on for business continuity is falling woefully short.

Whether it’s the result of relying on tape-based backups, data centers that are too close or too far geographically, or some other of the hundred reasons a solid disaster recovery plan is imperative – businesses are finding that in 2013 they need a sound strategy, or they’ll find themselves out of business with the next “100 year storm” or man-made disaster. According to a study by Agility Recovery Solutions:

  • Nearly 4 in 5 (78%) of businesses faced with a catastrophe without a contingency plan are out of business within 2 years, and
  • 9 in 10 (90%) of companies unable to resume business operations within 5 days of a disaster are out of business within 1 year.

Mostly disaster recovery is talked about in terms of bringing systems back up in days rather than hours. Can the most critical operations of your business be offline for days?

By developing redundant network at SecureData 365, PolyOne has affordably driven recovery time and recovery point down to less than an hour. Read how they did it >>