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IT Utopia

utopia1Anyone who has taken a business 101 class has heard the expression:

Better, Faster, Cheaper… Pick Two.

The principle is simple, the three cannot exist together – and one has to be sacrificed to achieve the other two.

Well, somehow the people who place demands on IT departments missed this day of school. And part of this is an increasing demand on data centers. In its annual Data Center Survey, InformationWeek captured just how much more is expected from IT in 2012.

More than half of InformationWeek 500 executives surveyed say they expect IT to be asked to make the business more efficient, and 45% plan to introduce new IT-led products and services. Seventy-three percent of data center survey respondents expect calls for data center resources to increase; 15% expect demand to be up more than 25%. All this while IT departments’ budgets are being held steady.

Data Center Demand

So we’re left as IT professionals trying to pull rabbits out of our hats as we adopt new technologies, faze out old, and keep our businesses in business… but look at the bright side, maybe the Mayans will turn out to be right and this will all be over soon :).

OR, instead of waiting for “end of days,” you can take care of your own destiny with a proactive strategy that allows you to, in fact, meet increasing demands and provide business services that are, indeed, better, faster, and cheaper.

Now is the time to take a step back, and look at how you do business in IT… or how you enable business. Hosting your own data center isn’t the answer for “better, faster, cheaper,” unless all you’re being asked to do is keep the lights on. But of course that isn’t the case. You’re being asked to do so much more.

Most likely, by turning to a collocation approach or virtual computing services that a data center like SecureData 365 provides, you can actually save money… and we know you’ll save time.

SecureData 365 can get you out of the data center business so you can get on with what you’re best at… stepping back and getting strategic with how IT meets business needs. We’re here to help you become a hero in your organization. The guy who found IT Utopia… better, faster, and cheaper.