Are You Gambling with Your Security?

GamblingIt seems like it happens every week. A new story about how a business or an organization is hacked or loses data for one of many reasons… mostly avoidable.

Don’t get me wrong, it seems that data integrity is getting harder and harder to maintain. As entertaining as the Bourne movies and “24” TV shows are – they do manage to point out a stark reality – you never know when, how, or, why someone may try and mount an attack  on your computer systems… you just know that it will happen, sooner or later.

This time around, it was the State of California that fell victim. The bottom line of this story (click here to read more) is that the names, Social Security numbers and other private records of about 800,000 adults and children went missing. This instance involves a FedEx envelope or box that apparently broke open and 4 cartridges were lost.

Now lucky for California, they don’t face the same types of challenges that businesses do. Substitute “ACME” for California in this story, and we know that not only would ACME be paying a lot of money to a crises management firm, their customer retention would take a big hit.

How are you managing your data? Are you still using tapes and discs? Are you taking the proper steps to ensure that you are protecting your business?

Contact me to discuss how SecureData can sit down with you to review how your organization is protecting its data, and ways SecureData can enhance your current strategy. I’ll bring the coffee… secured with a lid!

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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