Seven Reasons to Co-locate

People don’t change just for the sake of change. And companies don’t make changes without having a pretty great reason.

Well, as it just so happens, there are 7 primary reasons to consider moving your data center to an offsite provider like SecureData 365.

  1. Productivity Improvement – Moving your data center to a third party like SecureData will helps your employees by providing a always-available system.
  2. Image Enhancement – By relocating your key systems to a data center, you’re able to show your customers that you are taking the steps necessary to make sure your data (and their information) is safe and secure. This helps build trust… and people buy from organizations they trust.
  3. Efficiency – No longer do you have to divert manpower to use an antiquated backup system. Learn more about our business continuity offering.
  4. Stability – Make your network always available (and in good working order), ensure your staff is always able to be productive.
  5. Safety – By locating your equipment in a center designed to keep your gear safe, secure, cool, and protected – the number of “things that can go wrong” is dramatically reduced.
  6. Security – In a world (cue the movie trailer deep voice guy) where hacking has become a profession and computer room break-ins are a common occurrence, finding a center employing best practice security measures is critical.
  7. Revenue Generation – Look at it this way… can you generate revenue when your systems are down? How much does it cost your business to be down? Point-of-sale systems and your entire infrastructure is much more likely to be up by trusting a data center like SecureData.

There are lots of good data centers – so my first point of advice would be to look at what your needs are, and consider contacting me to discus how we can help your business.

Article by:
Michael Campanelli

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