t1co_logoFounded by a group of industry veterans in 2002, Cleveland’s The T1 Company knows technology and what’s required to provide reliable, always-up service.  The T1 Company provides a wide range of Internet and traditional services including private leased lines, hosted VoIP, managed IT, colocation, data storage and retrieval, and Internet access.

In order to support their business’ widespread growth, T1 was in need of a new center for colocation of its facility-based carrier services.  Having operated its first decade with its data center located within the same city as its headquarters (Cleveland), The T1 Company made a strategic decision to diversify its geographic footprint as well as infrastructure (power grid, carriers, etc.) by moving into SecureData 365’s Canton facility in 2012.


The T1 Company has been recognized as a Weatherhead 100 company and the Inc. Magazine 5000 (America’s 5000 fastest growing private companies)

“We needed to find a facility that would be able to grow with us and provide a secure environment for our business and clients,” explained  Don Hemmelgarn, T1’s Managing Partner.  “The fact that SecureData 365’s Canton location gave us a separate power grid and diversified our geographic footprint was also critical in our decision.”

Today, SecureData 365 not only provides backup services for T1, but also acts as a partner in delivering hosting, colocation, and business continuity services to T1 Company clients.  Conversely, SecureData 365’s other tenants are able to take advantage of The T1 Company’s network and hosted VoIP services – including private dedicated access connections, and best-in-class voice service.

“The quality of service we provide our clients is critical and SecureData 365 gives us the ability to deliver unmatched, point to-point performance,” explained Hemmelgarn. “Since we moved into SecureData 365 we’ve never dropped a packet, never had a millisecond of downtime – exactly what we were looking for in a highly available, highly reliable data center environment.”

Further, SecureData 365 itself uses The T1 Company for its own VoIP service.  “We have had bad experiences in the past with Internet based VoIP as service was spotty,” said Michael Campanelli, VP of SecureData 365.  “By having a dedicated, non-Internet based VoIP offering, T1’s service is always rock solid.”