You have lots of choices both regionally and nationally for data centers – so why SecureData 365? We think you’ll agree that we’re not your ‘typical’ data center.

  • Our Facilities. SecureData 365’s Canton and Cleveland facilities features the latest in equipment and technology to deliver a secure environment that ensures your devices’ peak performance and continued operation.
  • Our People. Veterans of Fortune 500 IT departments and data centers, the SecureData 365 team is astute enough to understand the needs of large companies, responsive enough to provide personal service that is both nimble and adaptable
  • Our Service. SecureData 365 and its account team provide unparalleled service, from on-boarding through on-going support, each and every hour of the day. We’re onsite 24 by 7, committed to responding to any emergency within 15 minutes. This commitment to service has led to a customer retention rate of 100%.
  • Our Flexibility. In a business that tends to gravitate to a “one size fits all approach,” we adapt our offerings to our clients’ business needs and work to solve their unique business challenges. Because we’re focused on the customer, we take great strides to ensure that our clients receive a solution crafted specifically to their needs.
  • Our Value. By focusing on the operation of our data center, we create an environment that helps client systems run more efficiently, increasing performance and expanding the life of an equipment investment.