Why You Should Put Your Public Cloud With Your Private Cloud

More and more companies are offloading commodity servers and storage to large cloud providers including Microsoft and Amazon.  This is great and cost effective on the surface – but these large providers have had their share of major outages. Consider the number of outages SecureData 365’s cloud has had in more than seven years (zero) and the prices we’re charging for our virtual computing services and you’ll find a better cloud.  After all, who would have better clouds than Northeast Ohio (it’s a rain joke).

More and more local companies are using SecureData 365’s cloud services for these non-critical/commodity servers because the SecureData 365 Cloud is designed to be always up and is located in the same data center (either our Cleveland or Canton facility) where their critical/strategic systems are already running on their own hardware/private cloud  – this gives our customers LAN speeds between their hardware and the cloud and takes advantage of the network infrastructure they already have in our data centers.

Not one of our cloud/virtual computing clients has ever had an outage on one of our servers – Amazon Web Services can’t say that! We’ve made significant investments to increase the redundancies of an already redundant data center including mirrored flash storage, redundant high speed SDN switching capabilities, as well as redundancy enhancements to our blades/chassis have all been made to make sure SecureData 365 is your most reliable option for your cloud solutions. We’d love to show you firsthand how safe, secure, and rock solid the SD365 cloud solutions are, if you would like a tour, please contact us.

SecureData 365 Announces New Partnership, Ownership of Cleveland Technology Center

H5’s Acquisition Brings Significant Improvements to SecureData 365’s Cleveland Facility and Opportunities for SecureData 365 Clients to Diversify their Backup and Storage Locations

H5 Data Centers, a national colocation and wholesale data center provider, announced today significant expansion of its Cleveland data center located at 1625 Rockwell Avenue in downtown Cleveland with the build-out of an additional sixty-five colocation cabinets. In addition to the raised floor build out, significant improvements at the Cleveland data center include:

  • Exterior building upgrades
  • Interior renovation and modernized furnishings
  • Additional office space and storage for data center customers
  • Improved physical security attributes
  • Increased operations and security staffing

“Everything we’ve seen so far with H5 since the acquisition earlier this year has been world-class,” explained Michael Campanelli, EVP of SecureData 365. “We’ve now doubled our power capacity in our existing space at the Cleveland data center and are looking forward to a long and productive partnership with H5 Data Centers.”

This new relationship between H5 and SecureData 365 also provides SecureData 365’s clients with access to H5’s facilities in Ashburn, Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Phoenix, San Jose, San Luis Obispo and Seattle.

SecureData 365’s expansion and H5’s continued investment in its mission-critical personnel is a strong endorsement for the Cleveland tech community.  H5’s Cleveland data center meets the stringent requirements to support global mission-critical IT infrastructure for leading Ohio and national enterprises. This expansion is part of a large commitment H5 Data Centers has made to its Cleveland customers and the surrounding community.

“We look forward to continued growth in the Cleveland market and a strong relationship with SecureData 365,” said Josh Simms, founder and CEO of H5 Data Centers.  “H5 Cleveland is a world-class data center operation which includes thousands of square feet of raised floor space, a 24×7 operations and security staff, and some of Ohio’s best companies as customers.”

H5 Cleveland Data Center Highlights:

  • Tier III data center serving enterprises and cloud service providers
  • 333,000 SF data center and carrier hotel
  • SecureData 365 doubles its power capacity to serve growing Cleveland colocation demand
  • 65-colocation cabinet expansion ready by September 2017å
  • Data center qualifies for Ohio- state sales & use tax abatement incentives

About H5 Data Centers
H5 Data Centers is one of the leading privately-owned data center operators in the United States with more than 1.6 million square feet under management.  The company designs and engineers flexible and scalable data center and interconnection solutions to address the business and operational requirements of its customers.  H5 Data Centers currently owns data centers in Ashburn, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Phoenix, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, and Seattle.  For more information, visit www.h5datacenters.com.


About SecureData 365
SecureData 365 is a premier, state-of-the-art data center operator with locations in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio. Designed from the ground-up to deliver unwavering power and connectivity thanks to multiple redundant systems, SecureData 365 offers the stability and reliability required by enterprise clients. The region’s Fortune 2000 organizations are quickly recognizing that the unique combination of facility, people, and service offerings make SecureData 365 the preeminent choice for data center services in the Midwest. Visit SecureData online at www.securedata365.com.



Is IT Mainstream?

Palace Malice, Creator, Union Rags, American Pharoah, California Chrome, Oxbow and now… Cloud Computing!

How great is this? IT professionals have a horse we can believe in, rally around, and jump on the bandwagon!

In case you missed the Preakness last weekend, a horse named Cloud Computing won the Preakness, one of the three triple crown races run every spring.

And so we raise our smartphones and servers (virtual) to Cloud Computing and wish him luck in the Belmont Stakes!

Preventing Ransomware With Regularly Scheduled Backups

SecureData 365 Has a Special Set of Skills to Prevent You From Paying a Ransom

Until recently “ransomware” was the IT’s equivalent of either Fight Club or Voldemort. We don’t talk about it – and saying it out loud only tempts fate. Except this past week saw the largest global ransomware attack ever (due to un-patched Microsoft software) hit computers everywhere. The attack has claimed at least 200,000 victims – hopefully you and/or your organization are not one of them.

As you know, ransomware can easily infect your network – it only takes one click from one individual on your network to take your business to a place where you are running the cost-benefit analysis of paying the ransom. It’s a virus that doesn’t just infect your data- it’s encrypted and your access to the data is taken.

The good news is that SecureData 365 has a special set of skills to help you from being a victim. Comprehensive backups stored at SecureData 365 – isolated from the rest of your network – gives you a clean solution to getting your data back, without paying a ransom!

SecureData 365 Expands Cloud Services In Its Cleveland and Canton Data Centers

Partnership with C3 / Cloud Computing Concepts Brings Hosted PBX and Virtual Desktop Services to SecureData 365 Facilities

3lk_logo_revisionsCanton, Ohio – SecureData365, Ohio’s premier data center operator with locations in Canton and Cleveland, today announced a strategic partnership with globally renowned cloud services provider C3 / Cloud Computing Concepts.   As a result of this agreement, C3 will install its proven cloud services infrastructure in SecureData 365’s world class SSAE 16 audited facilities.   C3’s Hosted PBX and Virtual Desktop technologies will interconnect with the robust co-location, cloud, disaster recovery and network connectivity solutions currently provided by SecureData 365.

This exciting alliance is in no small part driven by an increasing demand by organizations for technologies that increase productivity, enable employee mobility, and drive down operational and support costs. Virtual desktops meet each of these objectives by allowing authorized users to securely and reliably access applications and data from anywhere, at any time, and from nearly any device.   Hosted PBX systems provide unmatched reliability, built in disaster recovery and business continuity, low cost of operation, and can quickly and easily extend any organization beyond its current geographical limitations.

“SecureData 365 continues to focus on creating an always-up, rock solid and redundant environment for our clients in both Canton and Cleveland,” explained Michael Campanelli, Executive Vice President at SecureData 365, “Aligning with partners like C3 to deliver flexible and advanced services like Virtual Desktops brings our clients a level of service they simply cannot find anywhere else.”

“We are thrilled to expand our presence into the state by aligning with Northeast Ohio’s premier data center operator,” explained Denny Harabin, Director of Channel Sales for C3. “SecureData 365’s client portfolio of leading, innovative organizations stands to benefit significantly from C3’s Hosted PBX and Virtual Desktop Services.”

About SecureData 365
SecureData 365 is a premier, state-of-the-art data center operator with locations in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio. Designed from the ground-up to deliver unwavering power and connectivity thanks to multiple redundant systems, SecureData 365 offers the stability and reliability required by enterprise clients. The region’s Fortune 2000 organizations are quickly recognizing that the unique combination of facility, people, and service offerings make SecureData 365 the preeminent choice for data center services in the Midwest. Visit SecureData online at www.securedata365.com.

About C3
C3 is an award winning provider of technology and communications services to small, medium and enterprise businesses nationwide. Its unique combination of cloud-based technologies and expert onsite and remote support substantially reduces both IT-related capital investments and ongoing management costs.  C3’s approach increases stability, tightens security, enhances employee mobility, and ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster.  CFOs benefit from C3’s fixed cost approach, while owners and CEOs benefit from the single point of contact for all of their telecommunications and technology needs.  To learn more about how C3 is helping organizations to grow and prosper, visit www.c3cloud.com or contact Denny Harabin at dharabin@c3cloud.com or (561) 939-4028.


Media Contacts:

For SecureData 365:

Doug Adams

  1. 330.933.3374



For C3:

Lindsay Mancinelli

Director of Marketing



The Booming Data Center Business

We’ve discussed ourselves the tremendous growth and economic impact in the data center space. Right here in Ohio, our Cleveland center is rapidly filling after being open for only a little more than a year.  We’ve seen a job multiplier effect of our own data centers as thousands of IT professionals come through our doors every year. So jobs are indirectly created as these professionals will, more often than not, be within a reasonable vicinity to their primary data center.  

In a feature in The New York Times a few weeks ago they did an in-depth dive into how data centers in Texas are creating a min-economic boom.  Within the article, Ross Perot Jr. (not that one… his son) calls data centers the modern equivalent of America’s early 20th century factories. 

While SecureData 365’s own data centers are rapidly growing, the industry across North America experienced significant growth in 2015. U.S. multi-tenant data centers (like SecureData 365) earned $115.3 billion in revenue last year, a 6.1 percent increase from 2014. 

While large enterprises may still operate their own data center, more and more organizations, no matter the size are getting out of the data center business. The Times explains that more and more companies are shunning the costly and complex data center management world to concentrate on their core business, resulting in the rise of more and more multi-tenant centers that offer data center expertise and security. 

Another trend that we adopted years ago covered in the article is centers starting a “pay-as-you-go” model with power. The premise is really simple and surprising rarely used, in spite of the fact that SecureData 365 has always employed this model as the most fair way to charge.  

As businesses’ need for secure operations and data storage increase, there’s no doubt that data centers are in demand more than ever – centers operated by the experts rather than an in-house effort.  If you are ready to move to Ohio’s most secure and reliable centers, we’d encourage you to schedule a tour.  

The Circus Comes to Cleveland and SecureData 365

Showtime’s “The Circus” has received a lot of buzz for its behind-the-scenes coverage of this year’s crazy primary process. When the show came to cover the Ohio primaries, producers went looking for a center that had the bandwidth to quickly upload terabytes of video back to New York every night. Of course they turned to SecureData 365 and our unmatched bandwidth capabilities to help them get Ohio’s primary coverage on the air.


As The Circus and the convention lands in Cleveland in July, make sure you watch as we’re sure to be helping with secure and robust video links. Whether we like our options or not, The Circus must go on.

When It’s Time To Move On From a Bad Backup Strategy

Don’t Let Your Backup Be The Disaster Part 2  

Recently, we have witnessed several customers (not the Cleveland Browns) have an “OH CRAP” moment when systems fail and although they have religiously made back-ups they have NO plan in place with what to do with those back-ups to actually get systems up and running again.

There are several back-up vendors who now claim to solve this problem (Veeam, Unitrends) by not only providing back-ups of virtual servers but also having them reconstituted and running in an event of a true disaster – theoretically preventing that “Oh Crap” moment.

These solutions work well for virtual servers, but almost every business has some critical system running on a physical box because the system cannot be virtualized. So Veeam and Unitrends are not truly completely eliminating that “Oh Crap” moment.

SecureData 365 has partnered with T1 Co and their team of professionals who maintain critical backup, recovery and restoral storage and equipment at both our Cleveland and Canton data centers (62 miles apart and on different power grids). With T1’s help, SecureData 365 can provide back-up and instantaneous recovery of BOTH virtual and physical systems on-site and off premise totally eliminating that “Oh Crap” moment when you have a failure and are wondering how to take your back-ups and get them running again.

billy shirtIf you are interested in learning more, contact us for a 30-minute meeting and we’ll bring you a “Billy” T-shirt as a reminder of not letting “your back-up be the disaster.”

And while we’re at it, we’ll bring you $25 of chips for The Horseshoe so you can stop gambling on “crappy” backups and quench that gambling thirst at the blackjack table.

To setup a short visit and receive your gifts, contact SecureData 365 at 888-912-3282 or info@securedata365.com.

See part one of this sad series. 

The Cost of Data Center Downtime

I was speaking to an out-of-town colleague last week and he was complaining that his Internet service was down. He works from a home office and has Internet service from one of the large national ISP’s and apparently much of his city (Denver) was down. So every business in Denver metro that relies on this particular ISP lost 4 hours of productivity.

buttonHow big a deal is this? It is a nuisance and productivity is lost – but nowhere near the catastrophic deal that a data center outage would be. A few years ago one organization made an attempt at quantifying the cost to businesses if their data center experienced an outage. A 2013 study by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Emerson Network Power estimated the average cost of an unplanned data center outage at $7,900 per minute. This is up from 2010 when it was estimated to cost $5,600/minute. With the study due to come out again next year and more and more critical IT systems located “in the cloud” than ever before, this number is sure to increase.

The average data center outage among the 67 data centers surveys was 86 minutes, meaning that on average, this cost their customers $690,200. Higher technology dependent and e-commerce companies could see that cost more than double to $1.7 million.

These are the numbers that drive us, 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure that our Cleveland and Canton data centers never experience an outage. We have at both facilities:

  • Redundant Power Feeds/UPS with in-line Battery Back-up
  • N+1 Back-up Generators
  • N+1 Cooling Systems
  • Multiple ISP’s
  • Mated Pair Firewall, Router & Switch Network Design
  • Mated Pair Chassis, Blade, Switch and Mirrored Disk Design for Virtual Computing & Back-up Platforms

In addition to the redundant infrastructure, we have a custom built monitoring system that monitors the environment surrounding customer hardware located in our facilities (2 probes per each locking 42U cabinet) and all of the above mentioned critical systems. The monitoring system is designed to alert our staff of potential problems before they become expensive outage causing problems for our clients.

In the six years we have been in business we have never experienced a data center outage. Couple that with SSAE 16 compliant physical and logical security at both the Cleveland and Canton data centers and you can be assured that SecureData 365 is here to ensure your systems will remain, up, running and making you money rather than costing you money.

You Deserve Better Than a “Jack of All Trades”

jackIt’s a common description to call someone a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.” We are not sure that this is a compliment, but for many data centers it has become a way of life. Beyond infrastructure, many centers are taking a crack at a variety of managed and other services in addition to providing the Infrastructure of a data center.

Unfortunately, we are hearing from many clients of these data centers that they are unhappy with the other services they purchased from their data center provider. At SecureData 365, we believe that when you try to be all things to all customers you end up not doing anything well including delivering your core data center service. As we’ve opened a Cleveland data center, we have found more and more organizations relieved to find a data center company that is focused on it’s core competency (operating a world class data center) in SecureData 365.

SecureData 365’s focus is on keeping a secure, reliable center up-and-running with round the clock support. Period. If you need managed services, network services, hardware maintenance, or application support, we will introduce you to providers we’ve vetted, work with and trust. Or you can bring your own partners who provide these services to our data centers in Canton and Cleveland.

In the meantime, a lot of businesses are locked into long-term contracts with datacenters they are unhappy with. If you are one of these companies who is unhappy with your current datacenter provider and feel “stuck” due to a remaining contractual commitment, we’d encourage you to drop us a note so we can give you a tour of our Cleveland and/or Canton centers and discuss the financial incentives we can provide to “unstick” you from a contract with a provider you are unhappy with.

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